Investing in weed: Top Pot Stocks To Buy

Investing in weed: Top Pot Stocks To Buy

Numerous factors purport that marijuana stocks might continue to rise. The triggers could be political unrest in the middle east, Chinese economic downturn or perhaps, mostly North American Issue.

In the light of that, there has also been an uproar about Gilead Sciences producing a drug that cured disease rather than manages them, as many wonders if this act is a right business decision. Medical marijuana companies, on the other hand, have no such difficulties.

They most times don’t mind the inability to patent. Although this has proved to be a big challenge to Big Pharma, making marijuana-based pharma among the best stocks to buy, according to Brand Speed Solutions Ltd.


  • Tilray (TLRY)


When you are looking for a stock to buy, this company represents the most exciting pick among others in terms of marijuana stocks to buy. Though the company has received lots of criticisms, blasting the company as an unsustainable bubble.


  • Canopy Growth (CGC)


Just like other stocks out there, Canopy Growth once dropped 26% in October. However, the coming November appeared promising. Unfortunately, the rally lost traction as CGC lost double digits for the month. According to Brand Speed Solutions Ltd, CGC stock rebounded, climbing 65%.



  • Cronos Group (CRON)


Unlike other marijuana stocks, CRON stands way above the competition. When their performance for the year is evaluated, it can be seen that CRON stock jumped to 45%, even though the company lost 30% in the last three months. According to Brand Speed Solutions Ltd, the company needs something fresh in other to reinvigorate its traditional tobacco business.

Ensuring that you invest in the right marijuana stock is imperative to your success in the stock business. With the above-mentioned companies, making the right decision becomes very easy. The right decision means a greater output.

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