Which Stocks Should we  Buy To Ride The Vegan Wave

Which Stocks Should we Buy To Ride The Vegan Wave

There is a new wave in the market, and every food company is on the move to plant-based foods due to the sudden change in consumer’s taste. Although numerous companies are still intact in the vegan market, many have moved over to satisfy the “flexitarian” consumer.

Speed Solutions LTD. delve into the market to evaluate the most profitable food stock company that will be ideal for investment. As food companies are making money from the new wave in the market, you too can make a lot of money by investing in stock with the right company.

Here are the few best stocks that you can invest in.

  • Beyond Meat (BYND)

This company hit the public on the 1st of May and today has sold over 9.6 million shares, with net proceeds of $219 million. If you are looking for the best food-based company to invest in a stock, Speed Solution LTD., recommend that you make the right decision by considering this terrific company. Just 2 weeks ago, the company have announced a new collaboration with McDonald’s in a Canada, as a test for the global market. 

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  • Tyson Foods (TSN)

Although a lot has happened to Tyson Foods over the past few years, it still stands as one of the best options when it comes to investing in stocks. They are currently on the vegan wave ride, and by investing, you are sure of getting great value in return.

  • Kellogg (K)

Although the name Kellogg always paint an image of cereal and Tony the Tiger, it has nothing to do with such. This company has owned a vegetarian brand popularly called Morningstar Farms. This company is one of the best company as long as investing in stocks is concerned. After a thorough evaluation from Speed Solutions LTD., it was evident that stockholders of the company are happy were ever ready to keep investing in the company.

When it comes to buying of stocks, it is paramount you make the right decision in other to get a high return of investment. Having known the above food-based companies for stock investment, you are already on the right track to making the right investment. Are you yet to invest in the Vegan trend? Now is the right time to do it with Speed Solutions LTD.

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